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Contact your International Bureau for Epilepsy Representative to vote March 26 as the International Epilepsy Day

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hi Everybody,

I want to ask if you will please read my letter that I have wrote to The International Bureau For Epilepsy and The International Legaue Against Epilepsy asking them to choose March 26th as the International Epilepsy Day.

I am also asking if you would please email your IBE rep asking them to support and choose March 26th as the International Epilepsy Day.

Here is a link to find your IBE Rep’s email address

Thank you so much for all your support.
Cassidy Megan <3

My letter to the members of the International League Against Epilepsy and International Bureau for Epilepsy

Friday, January 31, 2014
Dear Members of The  International Bureau of Epilepsy and The International League Against Epilepsy,Hi,
I hope you are all well. :)
I know you all are really busy and I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter :)My name is Cassidy Megan and I wanted to write to you today to talk to you about an epilepsy awareness day on March 26th.I would like to tell you a bit about myself, I am 15 years old and the Founder of Purple Day which is celebrated on March 26th every year, I founded this day when I was 8.

I would like you to know why I started this.

When I found out I had epilepsy I was 7 years old and I was so scared, embarrassed and I felt so alone. I really thought I was the only kid with epilepsy. I also thought that I was the only one with epilepsy who felt this way. I didn’t want anyone to know I had epilepsy and I wouldn’t let my parents or anyone talk about me having epilepsy.

When I was 8 yrs old my mom had the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia come to my school to do a presentation to my class to help them learn about epilepsy. I seen how my friends were acting and really wanting to learn more. When they asked the presenter if she knew anyone with epilepsy, she told them yes. That is when I told my mom and teacher we could tell them I had epilepsy too. I was scared but I seen how nice they were all being and wanting to learn more.
Then the next year I was sitting on the couch with my mom one day and I asked her why there wasn’t just one day for epilepsy like there was for cancer or St.Patricks day, a day where people could learn more about epilepsy and so that people who have epilepsy would know that they weren’t alone.My mom explained to me that there were different months  in different parts of the world that were for epilepsy awareness. I told her I wanted to have just ONE day a year where we could have more awareness for epilepsy, a day that people could come together and help each other. I wanted to have a day where people with epilepsy would know that they weren’t alone and that they didn’t have to be afraid, embarrassed or felt like I did. I also wanted people who didn’t have epilepsy to learn more about it, to know that there are different types of seizure and  how to help if they see someone having a seizure. I also wanted to let everyone know that even though people have epilepsy that they are the same as everyone else and that we aren’t different. That we have epilepsy just like you have blue or brown eyes.
My mom said ok and asked me what I wanted to do. I told I wanted to get everyone to wear something purple and to tell people why, and to talk about epilepsy. She did explain to me that lavender was a color for epilepsy because in some parts of the world it represents the feeling of being alone. ,I told her that lavender is just a shade of purple and by calling it Purple Day people could wear what ever shade of purple they wanted. I told her I wanted all my family and school and people around the WHOLE world to do this and my mom said “oh well lets just stick with our community for now”. :D  But I never gave up and I never will, I wanted to make sure that people all over the world didn’t feel like I did and that they knew that they weren’t alone.<3The reason it is on March 26th is that when we spoke to the principal at my school he said that  the day that worked best for him and the school to do this and have The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia come down would be March 26th. Where I wanted to do this every year I wanted to have that day, March 26th as a world epilepsy awareness day forever because it would be easier for people to remember a date.Since I started this I have seen March 26th, Purple Day grow bigger and bigger every year.

I have seen March 26th become a day that is celebrated by people with epilepsy and people with out epilepsy all over the world. It has become a day where people learn more about epilepsy. A day were people with epilepsy don’t feel alone or afraid. It has become a day that all of us, from all over the world can call our own. A day for all of us to be proud and stand together.

 There are countries and people celebrating epilepsy and epilepsy awareness on March 26th every year on every continent in the world, and that’s including Antarctica :)
 I see people from all over the world no matter how old they are, what race or religion they or where they are from, coming together as one to stand together and help each other grow braver in themselves and educating the world about epilepsy.
I see  how much  March 26th  has grown and is still growing  to  bring the world together on this one day, to be brave, strong, and to be aware.
I hear stories from people who say that this has helped them speak out, be brave and feel a part of something for them. They feel like they have a day for them and epilepsy.
I also hear stories of how this day and all the awareness with it has helped people who do and who  don’t have epilepsy learn more about epilepsy.
Do you know how it has grown so big and so important?  It is not because of  just me but because of all the hard work and support from all the business, hospitals, epilepsy organizations and people from around the whole world.
On March 26th I see the world come together as one to support each other and to educate people about epilepsy.
The other reason  I wanted to write to you is because I have heard a lot of things good things about you and your organizations and all of the great things that you all do, this is why I would love to work with you all to continue to make March 26th a world epilepsy day.
I understand that some cultures can’t use the term Purple Day because of their beliefs and or cultures and I was thinking that it may not matter what they or we want to call it but March 26th is already celebrated and recognized around the whole world by so many hospitals, businesses and people. March 26th has given thousands of people with epilepsy the strength, and the  pride to be brave and stand up and speak about epilepsy, it has brought so much awareness to epilepsy and has given everyone a day we all can call our own,  that is what I wanted when I started this day. That is why it is so important.
If you would like to learn more and see just how important Purple Day, March 26th is I would love for you to visit the website atwww.purpleday.orgOn our website  you can see just how many countries celebrate and participate on March 26th and what people are doing around the whole world.
I hope you like the website :)
I would like to ask you to please consider helping us all and to please make March 26th International Epilepsy Day :)
Thank you for reading my letter.
Cassidy Megan <3

Countdown to Purple Day 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hi Everyone.

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Happy New Year. I hope that you all had an excellent holiday and that your New Year is really great!!

My holidays were great. I spent them with my family and friends.  For New Year’s we got together with all of our neighbours, who are like family to me, and we had a potluck and a huge fireworks display. I can’t believe that the holidays are over already :) That means Purple Day is coming up fast, less than 3 months!!

I have been doing good and I am doing really well in cheerleading and school. I have my first cheer competition of the season coming up in February.

I got my report card from school and my marks are really good :) Some of my school work I get help with in the resource room at school.  I am glad that I can get the extra help.  Sometimes it can be frustrating for me with trying to remember stuff. It is even harder to remember when I am having seizures. I am lucky that my school and teachers understand and give me the extra help. Sometimes people try to make fun out of us because we go to resource and  I used to be embarrassed about it but now I know that there is nothing wrong with going to resource or getting extra help. I would rather do that and actually learn than not to say anything and pretend I understood or remembered because that could make me fail.  Ever since I started getting the extra help and resource my marks are way better – especially my math :)

Have you guys started your Purple Day 2014 plans yet? Don’t forget to let us know at www.purpleday.org what you are planning so that we can add it to our event page for everyone to see :)

I have been hard at work coming up with some really cool new ideas for Purple Day 2014. I will keep you guys updated on them all.  I have one surprise for you in my next blog entry too :)

Boy, I can’t wait to see what everyone is doing and has planned for Purple Day 2014. I am soooo excited!!!

It is not too early to start working on Purple Day 2014. Here are some ideas that you can do…

1)Get your local bakeries to take part in The Great Purple Cupcake Project
2)Start talking to your principal and teachers now to get them to be involved with Purple Day
3) Start asking local businesses if they can out up Purple Day posters and maybe even do their displays windows in Purple for the month of March or even the week of Purple Day
4) Get your local media involved

I will give you some more ideas later too, plus you can visit our event page at http://www.purpleday.org/events.php and get some ideas there too :)

Purple Day is coming fast and will be here before we know it.   Together we can make this year’s Purple Day even bigger. Let us know what we can do to help :)

I hope guys are enjoying my blogs.  I am having a lot of fun doing them and sharing them with all of you.

Talk soon
Cassidy Megan <#
Founder of Purple Day

Can you believe it? Purple Day is 4 months away!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hi Everyone,

How are you? I hope you liked my first blog post. I am really enjoying doing them.

I am doing really well. I have had lots going on lately and there is so much going on around the world to help epilepsy awareness.
In the USA, November is Epilepsy Awareness Month and there has been a lot of stuff going on to promote epilepsy awareness. It’s not too late to get involved! If you go to www.purpleday.org and click on the tab “Find your local organization” you can find an organization close to you and ask them for ways to get involved with Epilepsy Awareness Month in the USA.

I have been doing pretty well lately. I am still cheerleading, and love it. I am doing well in school and will be getting my report card soon. I’ll let you know how it is :)
I have been working on school projects and my grade 9 school trip that we are going on in the spring. It is a lot of work, but I know the trip is going to be so much fun.

Something else I always love to do is drawing and painting. Lately I have been drawing dragons and mystical fairy tale creatures :)

On November 13, 2013 I was at The Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian Award event. A gentleman named Mel Boutilier got the Red Cross Humanitarian Award for all his work with helping the less fortunate in the community. It was so great getting to meet him — he is an amazing man.
I was awarded the Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award. There are so many people who do so many wonderful things and I am so honoured that they chose me for The Young Humanitarian Award.
My family was there with me and a couple of my friends. My Purple Day Global Partners, The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia and The Anita Kauffman Foundation, were there to celebrate the night with me too. I was so glad to have everyone be there with me . It was such an awesome night. Everything was so beautiful and it is a night I will never forget. I will post pictures soon for everyone.

I would like to thank the Canadian Red Cross and everyone who nominated me for the award for thinking of me and for also believing in me and my dream.

Can you believe Purple Day is only 4 months away???

I am so happy with how big Purple Day has gotten and the awesome changes it has been helping to make in the world — but there is still lots to do. 

There are still people who need to learn the right way of helping someone having a seizure, and that it is not OK to make jokes about epilepsy or seizures.
We still need to educate people that there are different types of seizures.
We still need to change how they show epilepsy on TV and in the movies.
And we still have to let people who have epilepsy know that they aren’t alone, that they have us and Purple Day and that together we will change the world.

There is lots of work going on to make Purple Day even bigger than last year and we are going to have some really cool news for you soon too!! Did you see one of our new things on the website today? t is a turning globe that shows where ambassadors from all over the world are. I think it is pretty cool :)

Here are some ideas for things that you can do things for Purple Day:
Start asking the businesses and schools in your area to have a Purple Day event.
Contact your favourite sports team and ask them to get involved.
Contact the bakeries in your area and ask them to join in The Purple Day Great Purple Cupcake Project. You can learn more about this and other ideas at http://www.purpleday.org/ideas.php

What are you planning for Purple Day ? I would love to hear your ideas.

Cassidy Megan :)



Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Purple Day Blog

Monday, November 11, 2013

I’m Cassidy Megan, I’m fourteen years old and I’m the founder of Purple Day.

Purple Day is an epilepsy awareness day which is a celebrated all around the whole world every year on March 26th.

There are many different types of seizures, for instance Tonic Clonic, Absence, Simple and Complex Partial, and many more. There are also so many treatments that can help control your seizures , but be sure to check with your doctor first about treatments or if you have any questions.

So I have decided to start this blog because I wanted to share my everyday life and to help show you that even if you have epilepsy you shouldn’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do.

The other reasons I wanted to do this blog are to share my ideas with you for Purple Day and to let you know what is going on with Purple Day and epilepsy awareness around the whole world. I want to talk about events that are coming up and what our Ambassadors and everyone are doing to help us educate the world.

I will also let you know how I am doing with my epilepsy and let you get to know me more as well.

Here is some information to help you to get to know me. I live in Nova Scotia Canada with my mom, dad and my big brother Chad. We have four pets. We have one dog (Dexter), two cats (Starfish and Bayley), and one bearded dragon named Odus. I’m a cheerleader, love to play music and to paint. I like to hang out with my friends and family. I’m in grade nine this year. I also love acting, and watching Days of Our Lives with my mom, and I LOVE Purple Day.

Oh, and I also have Complex Partial seizures.

Don’t forget to check out our website www.purpleday.org

Talk soon.

Love, Cassidy Megan <3