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Countdown to Purple Day 2014

Cassidy Megan - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hi Everyone.

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Happy New Year. I hope that you all had an excellent holiday and that your New Year is really great!!

My holidays were great. I spent them with my family and friends.  For New Year’s we got together with all of our neighbours, who are like family to me, and we had a potluck and a huge fireworks display. I can’t believe that the holidays are over already :) That means Purple Day is coming up fast, less than 3 months!!

I have been doing good and I am doing really well in cheerleading and school. I have my first cheer competition of the season coming up in February.

I got my report card from school and my marks are really good :) Some of my school work I get help with in the resource room at school.  I am glad that I can get the extra help.  Sometimes it can be frustrating for me with trying to remember stuff. It is even harder to remember when I am having seizures. I am lucky that my school and teachers understand and give me the extra help. Sometimes people try to make fun out of us because we go to resource and  I used to be embarrassed about it but now I know that there is nothing wrong with going to resource or getting extra help. I would rather do that and actually learn than not to say anything and pretend I understood or remembered because that could make me fail.  Ever since I started getting the extra help and resource my marks are way better – especially my math :)

Have you guys started your Purple Day 2014 plans yet? Don’t forget to let us know at www.purpleday.org what you are planning so that we can add it to our event page for everyone to see :)

I have been hard at work coming up with some really cool new ideas for Purple Day 2014. I will keep you guys updated on them all.  I have one surprise for you in my next blog entry too :)

Boy, I can’t wait to see what everyone is doing and has planned for Purple Day 2014. I am soooo excited!!!

It is not too early to start working on Purple Day 2014. Here are some ideas that you can do…

1)Get your local bakeries to take part in The Great Purple Cupcake Project
2)Start talking to your principal and teachers now to get them to be involved with Purple Day
3) Start asking local businesses if they can out up Purple Day posters and maybe even do their displays windows in Purple for the month of March or even the week of Purple Day
4) Get your local media involved

I will give you some more ideas later too, plus you can visit our event page at http://www.purpleday.org/events.php and get some ideas there too :)

Purple Day is coming fast and will be here before we know it.   Together we can make this year’s Purple Day even bigger. Let us know what we can do to help :)

I hope guys are enjoying my blogs.  I am having a lot of fun doing them and sharing them with all of you.

Talk soon
Cassidy Megan <#
Founder of Purple Day